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Resolved: Stop loading jquery library from assets folder in Yii
posted by admin on January 24, 2016
I had problem in my app that made it slow , after checked firebug I noted that jquery-ui loaded twice first from and second from assets folder ("232kb") .

How to force it to load from, or localhost, or without assets version ?Read more
Resolved: Yii jQuery UI date calendar on form
posted by admin on January 22, 2016
I have text field on form

<div class="row">
<?php echo $form->labelEx($model,'date_from'); ?>
echo $form->textField($model, 'date_from', array(
'size' => 10,
'maxlength' => 10,
<?php echo $form->error($model,'date_from'); ?>

I want to change textfield to jQuery UI date.Read more
Resolved: Syntaxhighlighter can't find any brushes after ajax request
posted by admin on December 25, 2015
After implementing pagination on my website, I was not able to highlight the code with SyntaxHighliter plugin. After AJAX call script was throwing an error: "Can't find brush for: BRUSH".Read more
Resolved: Sort divs bases on element's data attribute
posted by admin on December 22, 2015
If I have several divs:

<div data-sort='4'>div4</div>
<div data-sort='8'>div8</div>
<div data-sort='1'>div1</div>
<div data-sort='19'>div19</div>
<div data-sort='12'>div12</div>

Actually I want to sort divs by data attribute by sorting ASC and DESCRead more