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Resolved: How To Set The "pagevar" Parameter For The Grid View Widget?
posted by admin on December 25, 2015
I have a gridview widget:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
'dataProvider' => $model->search(),
'summaryText' => 'صفحه {page} از مجموع {pages} صفحه',
'enableSorting' => false,
'enablePagination' => true,
'ajaxUpdate' => false,

In the pagination links it includes the model name as prefix to pageVar parameter. is there anyway to set the pageVar property of widget so it changes the links from "index.php?r=item/list&Items_page=2" to "index.php?r=item/list&page=2" ?Read more
Resolved: CListview Pagination variable
posted by admin on December 25, 2015
within CListview and CGridview when I turn off ajax I set

'ajaxUpdate' = false

but the paging variable comes up with modelname_page=1 how can i set the paging variable to just 'p'
ie so p=1.

I have tried

'pageVar' => 'p'

but this doesn't work as it's not supported.
btw I am using yii 1.1.10Read more
Resolved: CWidget should have a createUrl implementation?
posted by admin on December 26, 2015
After some research in the source and reading the api I'd like to discuss if the CWidget class shouldn't have a createUrl() implementation like CController but appending to the action automatically the $prefixUrl. I think it could be very useful

What do you think?Read more
Resolved: Yii captcha does not work after moving site to the hosting
posted by admin on December 22, 2015
In localhost website captcha working well, but after moving to live hosting, captcha stop working. Not show image, break image.Read more