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Resolved: jquery click doesnt work on ajax generated content
posted by admin on September 4, 2016
I am using $(".button").on("click", function(){ });

to click to a button which is on a container but then an ajax call is done and the content gets updated with new stuff and then when i try to click .button it wont work... nothing will get returned when i click the button.

I even tried

$(".button").live("click", function(){ });


$(".button").click(function(){ });
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Resolved: jQuery UI auto close dialog don't show ever, show one time
posted by admin on April 26, 2016
I have dialog box

$( "#dialog" ).dialog({
autoOpen: false,
show: {
effect: "blind",
duration: 500
hide: {
effect: "blind",
duration: 500


$('.add-block-without-media').click(function (){
$( "#dialog" ).dialog( "open" );

I want to autoclose dialog and see dialog one time.Read more