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Resolved: What does “javascript:void(0)” mean?
posted by admin on April 12, 2016

<a href="javascript:void(0)" id="loginlink">login</a>

I've seen such hrefs many times, but I don't know what exactly that means.Read more
Resolved: JavaScript jQuery add attribute to links, which is not belong to website and locate to another resource
posted by admin on March 11, 2016

<a href="">sadsa dasd as ds</a>
<a href=""> sd s f f d f</a>
<a href=""> sd s f f d f</a>
<a href=""> sd s f f d f</a>
<a href=""> sd s f f d f</a>
<a href=""> sd s f f d f</a>

I want to add attribute to my all links, which is not locate to my website. I want to open another links in new window, not in self window. I want to do it after page will be loaded.Read more
Resolved: Yii 1.1 How to change home name breadcrumbs to another or multilanguage
posted by admin on March 5, 2016
In main layout i have this code

<?php if(isset($this->breadcrumbs)):?>
<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.CBreadcrumbs', array(
)); ?><!-- breadcrumbs -->
<?php endif ?>

I want to change the word Home and include multilanguage outputRead more
Resolved: PHP add rel nofollow to links string
posted by admin on December 22, 2015
I have content in string, and I want to find all a links and add a rel="nofollow"Read more