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Resolved: Dhtmlx attachform select option
posted by admin on December 9, 2016
I have DHtmlx form, and I have select option part of form. How I can downlload data from db and fill my select options
My form

var str = [
{ type:"block" , name:"bl1", list:[

{ type:"input" , name:"id", label: "ID", hidden: true},
{ type:"input" , name:"status", label: "Status:", readonly: true, width: 287, labelWidth: 70, value: "Not set"},
{ type:"input" , name:"count", label: "Count"},
{ type:"select" , name:"worker", label: "Worker"},
{ type:"button" , name:"save", value:"End process", width:"320" }

form_1 = tab_x.attachForm(str);

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Resolved: Submit form on change of dropdown list
posted by admin on April 26, 2016
I have SELECT dropdown list

<form method="GET" >
<select id="id_period" name="period">
<option value="day">day</option>
<option value="week">week</option>
<option value="month">month</option>
<option value="all" selected="selected">all time</option>

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Resolved: Yii Dropdown List Empty Value as Default
posted by admin on April 7, 2016

<?php $type_list=CHtml::listData($galleries,'id','name'); ?>
<?php echo $form->dropDownList($model, 'gallery_id', $type_list); ?>

I want to add empty option to SELECT
In output, I want to get

<select name="sel" id="sel">
<option value="0">Choose Gallery</option>
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Resolved: Yii form dropDownList create and update support example with empty first option
posted by admin on January 22, 2016
I have form on yii. It is news form. I want to change news category by select box and in update form have selected option.Read more